Vertically Integrated New Media Marketing

“Moo…Moo…sleeping standing up…jumping over the moon…milk?!…” *sigh*, just another day in the busy world of a cow.

Hi all, I’m the mascot for Nerdy Cow. Most people call me the “Guru” of New Media Marketing and Development. I’m delighted to have been chosen from all the other herd of cows as the face of this wonderful company. I’m pretty sure that they chose me not because of my spiffy hat, but my monstrous brain! No really it’s that HUGE!!!

What does Nerdy Cow Do?

Being that I am the smartest cow ON EARTH and the handsome face behind this company, I can sum up everything that we do in ONE sentence. So here we go…we build personal experiences through digital and print social mediums in order to connect your brand with your target audience. Impressive, right?! But on a serious note just so that the owners know I’m doing my job here, we have a great team that provides everything from website development and maintenance, to mobile app development, social app development, facebook app development, facebook fan pages, facebook games, social media implementations and management, video marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing ( SEM), traditional printing and so much more… It gets my hooves all tingly just thinking about it.

Guys and Gals, I am probably the luckiest cow in the world working for a company like this. Although I do not get paid a salary as a cow, they definitely compensate me with a bunch of sweets like gummy bears! So remember, our motto here is “Save a cow, Brand Yourself!”…But seriously brand yourself, it hurts!

The NerdyCow Mission

We at Nerdy Cow build personal experiences through digital and print mediums to connect your brand to your target audience everywhere your audience exists.