Adobe Previews It’s Flash To HTML5 Converter. And We’re Really Excited!!!

9 years ago

At Adobe’s MAX conference a few nights ago Adobe blew my Cow Mind when they did a live demonstration of a Flash to HTML5 Converter, which they’re currently looking to release. In the demo, you see them convert a Flash Element into HTML5 with just a click of the mouse. The most impressive part was that the converter not only supports animations themselves but animations within animations. BANANAS I KNOW!!!! Just thinking about all the hours I’ll be saving is making me all gitty.

Just think of all the flash content never seen on iPads and iPhones that will now have an easy solution. Since introducing their mobile devices Apple has been pushing HTML5 and other standards as alternatives and again Adobe has stepped up and answered the call of so many developers and consumers alike.

We’re excited about the possibilities and a chance to start playing with it.

Check out the demo: