2nd Generation iPad’s to have 2 Cameras, Another rumor straight from another random memo found under someone’s coffee table… But this one’s definitely true?!?

10 years ago

Alrght, alright, I know this isn’t exactly a new rumor. And I know it’s been floating around the web pretty much since the day after the release of iPad Gen1 but this time Barron’s is reporting that according the a research note from investment firm Detweiler Fenton, OmniVision has won the contract to supply the cameras for the new iPad that will launch in first quarter of 2011. Th research firm states the there will be a 5 MP camera and a VGA camera. Detweiler Fenton also goes on to say that Apple will build 2.5 million units of the next Gen. iPad in the First Quarter of 201.

So what does mean for us? Not a thing, it’s still a rumor but we’re getting closer to Apple’s natural release of a new gen iPad and even without all these reports we’re still pretty sure anyone could figure out that the next iPad will at the very least have 2 cameras and support FaceTime. Everything else is still up in the air for us.