It’s No Secret Apple and Verizon Regret Missing Their Chance At Love But Is Apple Dumping AT&T All Together?

10 years ago

Well after months and months of rumors and speculations Fortune adds to the growing list giving the 18th confirmation; this one coming from Apple’s Suppliers divulging information showing that they are building more than 6 million iPhone units specifically for Verizon Wireless. The units will be sold in the First Quarter of 2011. That’s fairly significant since it’s about 1/4 of Apple’s total expected production for worldwide distribution.

It’s no secret that Apple approached Verizon first about the original iPhone but they just couldn’t come to terms and AT&T was more than happy to take sloppy seconds by jumping at the opportunity. As we all know after the launch with AT&T numerous problems came up which always left Apple a bit sour about having to chose the second runner up. But now the AT&T Fling is over and the Verizon Partnership is beginning.

Recent interviews done by Fortune have Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg stating that when he spoke with Apple CEO Steve Jobs, they had both agreed that the decisions made by Verizon were the ones Apple would have made as well. Don’t forget that the iPad just went on sale in Verizon stores this past month, showing everyone that both can play nice together and better yet that both want to play together.

So where does this leave AT&T? Well, AT&T knew something was in the works behind their back and with the launch of iPhone4 had most their customers sign up and renew their contracts to an additional 2 years to prevent people from making the Verizon switch.  Will they still loose people? Of course people always switch but it won’t be anything of dramatic proportions. Now what we will have to wait and see is if the Verizon data network can handle the load it’s about to take on, or will we see another AT&T meltdown?