Facebook announces new messaging system that is simple, integrated everywhere, social, and keeps your history

9 years ago

Mark Zuckerburg just announced Facebook’s new Titan Modern Messaging system that is minimal, can be seamlessly integrated and uses your own social graph. Is it a google killer? Not yet at least and Zuckerburg repeated multiple times that it’s not about killing google in fact he thinks it’s a great product but the titan system is about relating messaging to a more personal approach across platforms.

The 3 main features
Seamless Messaging: A convergent system that handles your messaging across all your platforms. It’s not Email, it’s just a wait to communicate.
Conversation History:  A real stream of conversation like IMing and SMS in one view.
Social Inbox: Facebook Filtering /Spam Killer using your social graph.

15 engineers have been working over a year to roll out the Titan Messaging System. It’ll be a slow rollout within the next few months and all Facebook users will be able to get their own @facebook.comif they’d like. All internal Facebook Staff will now be using @fb.com as their addresses.

Facebook will offer 3 mailboxes that will use your current network around you to make your world better: Main Inbox, Other Inbox and Junk.