Want a white iPhone 4 right now because the wait until the Spring of 2011 will probably kill you? No problem just convert it yourself and have a white iPhone today.

10 years ago

Your sitting at your desk excited about yet another Apple announcement only to hear that the one thing that could ever possibly complete your life  a White iPhone 4 has been pushed back to a Spring 2011 release date. Now what?

Well don’t go all bananas just yet,  Fei Lam has come to the rescue. The 17 year old high school senior decided to take things into his own hands by contacting Apple’s supplier, Foxconn directly and purchasing the white iPhone 4 parts needed for conversions.

His site WhiteiPhone4now.com is selling complete conversion kits that’ll turn your plain old normal looking black iPhone into the Pimptastic white iPhone.

Prices for the kits are: $135 for the Back Panel, $169 for the front panel and home button or go full out and for $279 you can get the full conversion kit.