Let the Hacking Begin!! Microsoft Kinect can turn any surface Multi-Touch…

10 years ago

Patten Studio an interactive and user interface company based out of Brooklyn, NY shows us how far a little hacking can go. In the video we see how Patten Studio uses open-source drivers to make the Kinect view an area in 3d, then they set the boundaries of the touch area and that’s it, you’ve got a multi-touch surface.

Most will buy a Microsoft Kinect and just use it for their xbox’s but the potential in the device is far beyond dancing in front of your tv.

Remember that the device has only been available to the public for a week or so and as you can see in the video above we’re just touching the surface of potential uses for the Kinect and it’s 3d depth mapping capabilities.

Mooooo!!!!! It’s really getting us gitty over here thinking about the possibilities especially because of all the reports that have come out showing that Kinect only costs $56 in parts to make. This little device is going to make a huge impact not just in gaming but within numerous industries.

Luckily this cow bought 2 Kinects just for such an occasion, let the hacking continue…