The Rise of Mobile Marketing and Small Businesses

9 years ago

As reported on, there are over four billion cell phones in use globally, which means that 70% of the world’s population has access to a mobile phone. That’s right, 70%!

“70% of the world’s population has access to a mobile phone”


According to  Forbes magazine, 38% of Fortune 500 companies that do not have a mobile application plan to develop one within the next year. In order to follow the movement of the mobile app crave, many small business owners should consider how mobile marketing strategies can help their business to compete with larger companies.

“Can Your Business Compete?”

Although a small business owner might not have the same mobile marketing budget as a Fortune 500 company, there are several opportunities to take advantage of mobile technology. Here are some of the benefits of implementing a mobile campaign for your small business:

  • Creating and maintaining customer loyalty.
  • Establish a solid client base.
  • Generating Buzz for the business.
  • Establishing an interaction of communication between the business and the customer.
  • Promotion of new products and discounts.
  • Using mobile applications through social media.


Although creating a mobile version of your website taps into the surface of mobile marketing, having a mobile application has its benefits such as offering something valuable to customers while at the same time driving sales. Whether you decide to offer a free application or paid application depends upon your development costs and demand for the application. Free apps are effective as paid application because of the potential buzz and brand loyalty that it can create. For example, a brand like Nike has a free application in order to interact with their client base by keeping them up to date on new gear or new athletes that they have signed on to the brand.

Consumers are all about convenience, which is exactly what a mobile application is able to do for a business. Not only does a mobile application drive sales to a business, it shows their consumers that they are staying up to date within their industry and technology. Mobile apps help businesses further enhance their total interactions with their customer base and at the same time they help their customers focus on the true experience from the brand.

The power that a mobile application can leverage is only getting larger as we enter into an era where mobile phones have now defined the reason why they are called “smart” phones.

Is your business adapting or are you letting potential clients and customers fall through the crack?