“Sorry NFC! You Didn’t Make the Cut.” NFC and Other New Technologies That Did Not Make it Into the iPhone 5…

10 years ago

After the dramatic reveal of the new iPhone 5 yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder why certain modern day features such as NFC and wireless charging were left out of Apple’s brand new device. Apple’s Senior Vice President Phil Schiller explained why these new technologies were excluded from the phone.

NFC or “Near Field Communication”  enables smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them in close reach of each other. With the application of NFC, smartphone users are able to complete contactless transactions and data exchange. So why wouldn’t Apple creators make our lives even easier and include this simplifying feature in the newest addition to the Apple iPhone family?  Schiller explains, ” It’s not clear that NFC is the solution to any current problem. Passbook does the kinds of things customers need today.” Passbook, an application that IS included in the iPhone 5 is a one stop shop for all of your boarding pass, card, coupon and ticket needs. Reminding you of coupon expiration dates, seat locations, gift card balances, and more, Passbook does make life feel effortless; but why not go the extra mile by making things happen with a simple tap as NFC does?

As for wireless charging, Phil Schiller claims it is not as convenient as you may think. Wireless charging systems still need to be plugged into a wall while Apple USB cords can be charged in most places including not only wall outlets, but computers, airplanes, and more. Charging your brand new iPhone 5 with “Lightning” (Apple’s replacement for the 9 year old “Thunderbolt” connector) doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Thanks to “Lightning” the iPhone 5 is a slender version of its predecessors. Schiller explained that it would be impossible to make any devices thinner if Apple kept the existing 30-pin Dock Connector.

Apple’s iPhone 5 may be complete with all of its other cool features but NFC and wireless charging always have next year!