A Sentimental Love Song From the Blackberry Family to the Developers…

10 years ago

This heartfelt video starring Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations & Ecosystem, Chris Smith, VP Application Platform & Tools, and Martyn Mallick, VP Global Alliances & Business, is a rendition of the popular REO Speedwagon song “Keep on Loving You” and a thank you to the developers who have dedicated so much time and effort to the RIM platform. Debuted after CEO of RIM, Thorstein Heins, gave his keynote address, the video was proof of RIM’s dedication to releasing a quality product with a quality OS.  How bittersweet to witness the fun side of Blackberry’s bigwigs as the brand itself is dying down.

Take a peek at the captioned video and feel free to sing-a-long with these appreciative corporate executives  who will always support the work of their hardworking developers.