Show Your Love for the Victims of Sandy Hook

9 years ago

Still saddened and shocked by last week’s horrific tragedy, I cannot stop thinking of the people directly affected by the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. How someone can kill innocent young children and caring, amazing teachers is beyond me. I urge everyone take a moment to honor those who were victims of this evil act and pray for their loved ones.

With all of the unfortunate events occurring recently, I understand everyone may have a difficult time believing there is still good in the world. But, despite the hatred, there IS  love.  Wall of Love, an interactive website,was created after the shooting to show that there is in fact more love than you realize.

To lift your spirits during this tough time, please visit  Also, if you have a piece of love to share, feel free to e-mail a square image with your message to [email protected] We may not be able to control the horrendous acts of violence that happen on this earth, but it is important to be optimistic and spread the word of all of the goodhearted people out there.