Instagram Policy Update! User Photos Will No Longer Be Used for Company Advertising Purposes

9 years ago

After an outcry in the social media world over Instagram’s new privacy policy, both the popular photo -sharing service and its owner Facebook finally seem to be listening to their users! Yesterday, Instagram announced that they will be removing language from its new terms of service suggesting that users’ photos could appear in advertisements.

Presently,  Instagram doesn’t run any ads but they have been trying out various forms of advertisements to make money. At this moment in time, the company has no way of increasing revenue for Facebook and they would rather not bring in ad-banners that are used on other applications because they are apprehensive the banners will ruin Instagram’s user experience.

Instagram wanted to clarify the new policy by stating that any changes will help Instagram “function more easily as part of Facebook by being able to share info between the two groups.” Ultimately, they hope to prevent spam, fix app issues efficiently, and build better features.

As a frequent Instagram user, I was happy to hear this news! I will no longer be deleting my account in fear of being on some website ad for who knows what. Has the change in the new policy affected your decision to keep using the photo-sharing app? Let us know!