Government tells your car to speak up about you

8 years ago

The Hoff’s been talking to cars since the 80’s but the US Government announced yesterday that it will take steps to require all new cars to implement vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications capabilities before Obama leaves office in 2017. So does this mean you’ll be chatting it up with your Honda or have your own real life Her movie where you start making out with your car. (we’ve seen some of you car nuts out there doing this already) Well, not quite.

The goal is to prevent 70% or more of accidents by helping drivers apply the brakes or even making steering adjustments as needed. Research for this technology has been underway for some time now and in October 2011, the Department of Transportation published a report about how the technology would work and the information it could transmit from vehicles as well as the safety applications for the technology. You can find the report here: DOT


So far more than 3000 vehicles have the technology in place as part of a pilot program being held in Michigan. David Friedman the acting administrator of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration said, “The potential of V2V to save lives is enormous.”

It’ll be interesting to see how far the data collection will go and how it’ll be used. There could be issues that come up with data security because you know there’s a 12 year old in his mother’s basement ready to take control of your car or on the other end, what if your insurance company gets a hold of the info? Some of you formula 1 morning drivers might not be a big fan of Big Brother sitting shotgun. We’ll just have to wait and see.