Morgan Freeman helps you get to where you need to go

6 years ago

Yup your new navigator is none other than Morgan Freeman. Freeman is the latest celebrity voice to be added to Google’s free navigation app, Waze. We’ve seen Arnold Schwarzenegger take the mic and now you can rely on Freeman’s soothing voice to guide you through right and left hand turns getting you to your destination. The voice feature is a marketing tie-in for Freeman’s upcoming film, London Has Fallen (the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen).

Freeman drops quotes like, “The time has arrived, President Wazer. The world awaits your commands.”; “The American people are counting on you… to drive. Let’s go.”; and “Accident reported ahead. I’ll get a line to emergency command.”

Waze will be showing ads for the movie with an easy-to-purchase button for London Has Fallen movie tickets.